Job Description

The primary purpose of the position is to plan, organize, and direct the overall clinical review for appropriate admission of patients and residents to the facility collaborating with the Director of Nursing and Director of Admissions
• Must hold a current Nurse license
• Previous experience in a skilled nursing facility or sub-acute setting is preferred
• Must have a proven track record of integrity and performance
• Embrace the standards, values, and beliefs of the organization
• Excellent communication skills
• Excellent organizational skills
• Must exhibit sound judgment making skills, patience and compassion
• Flexibility and multi-tasking skills
• Embraces a brisk pace in clinical response time in the evaluation and review of potential patients to the facility
• Strong analytic and problem solving skills
• Be capable of maintaining effective working relationships with residents, patients, family members, staff members and stakeholders
• Possess the flexibility to approach skilled nursing and long term care services through a hospitality based model
Essential Functions and Responsibilities of the Position:
• Review medical records in order to determine the need and eligibility for care and services for potential patients and residents
• Make a clinical determination for appropriateness of potential patient for admission to facility
• Assist in acquiring required authorizations prior to admission
• Assist in communication and preparation for new admissions with facility staff to ensure successful and seamless admission process
• Complete and process physician orders for resident and patient admission to the facility
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