Job Description

The primary purpose of the job is to provide transportation for our residents.
• Previous experience in scheduling appointments and transportation in a long term care setting is desired
• Must have a proven track record of safety, integrity and performance
• Embrace the standards, values, and beliefs of the organization
• Excellent communication skills
• Excellent organizational skills
• Must exhibit sound judgment making skills, patience and compassion
• Must have a flawless driving record
• Enjoys working in a busy work setting
Passenger Assist:
• Assists residents on and off vehicles
• Assists residents with being seated and fastening seatbelts
• Assists elders with lift or ramp, properly securing tie downs and stowing mobility equipment securely
• Checks daily transport schedule
• Coordinates daily transportation routes
• Assists in the maintenance of the scheduling book and transportation schedule
• Confirms pick-up time and/or cancellations with front desk as needed
Vehicle Maintenance:
• Responsible for daily, weekly, monthly and scheduled vehicle inspections
• Responsible for documenting all inspections
• Monitors maintenance needs
• Responsible for maintenance of vehicle service records
• Responsible for keeping vehicle interior and exterior clean at all times
• Responsible for preparation of transport logs
• Maintains accurate mileage records for miles incurred during transport
Come join a team that makes a difference in the lives of our residents every day!

Skills / Requirements

Must be certified